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The Generalist Series

Action. Adventure. Fist to face. The Generalist is a hard-hitting ride through the Los Angeles of tomorrow, stuffed to the brim with monster-gene humans turned cannibal, Artifacts of enormous strength warping the very fabric of reality itself, secret organizations seeking to out-maneuver each other for ultimate power, and every day a simple miracle just to survive.

And who's standing between the rest of us "mundane citizens" and the myriad forces that seek to devour and conquer this world and those beyond?

The two violence-prone action junkies of the Shop: Frank Todd, the Generalist, and Daniel "Dash" Hopkins, his troll-gened companion and partner-in-crime.

Taking on all foes and challenges no matter how great or small, the Shop will do the job, get the pay, and woe betide any and all who dare to thwart their will!

The Generalist! Because you simply cannot read about people getting punched in the face ENOUGH!

Killer 13

The world is broken.

All that exists lives only to feed on everything else. The sun, the eternal sands of this desert wasteland world, the very air is out to devour you.

Walking throughout such wicked horrors is the slayer, the murderer, the madman primeval.

His name is 13, the same as the smoldering brand on his neck.

13 the Killer.

Beset on all sides by the evil, cannibal creatures of this world, 13 wanders in an eternal quest, his vigil unrelenting, his fury and madness without equal.

A wandering, murderous marauder versus a desert wasteland of a world filled to the brim with murderers, demons, twisted abominations, warring angels and the very forces of nature cannibalizing everything that exists.

They should've brought more to the fight against him.

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A book of poetry by Thomas Duder, with artwork from Melanie McCurdie. Subject matter deals with the aftermath of relationships, the stress of troubled relationships, and the general miasma of life heaped upon the shoulders of a struggling artist.

Here you have found a tome of profound personal meaning. A book of poetry filled with raw, sometimes unedited musings and the pain that life brings to a writer.

The emotions that humans feel, the scars that each individual bears, varies from person to person. No one can truly understand the emotions of others at the same degree, yet we try and try again.

This is an opportunity for one writer to make such an attempt.

At times petty, at times childish, others as powerful as one can experience, the author's words are followed suit with proper artwork, created by the talented Melanie McCurdie (co-creator of Minus).

Do crawl into the skull of the author and wallow in pain and emotion laid bare to public scrutiny, fearless and as raw as possible.


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The Modern Times

We do live in horrible times, don't we?

Find here a collection of writing in regards to the modern day slave, the wage slave, and the gap that exists and only increases between the rich and everyone else.

Either you're on top or you're getting fucked over and out.

This is The Modern Times.

Sure you've heard this already: the world sucks. History is against you. The media is against you. The "job creators" are against you. The government is against you.


Let's get angry.

Get mad.

Then go make a change in your life.

T H E D E V I L ’ S D A N C E


Haymakers and Hellhounds

Welcome to Haymakers and Hellhounds!

Come join me on Youtube and learn more about my writing style, thought process on publishing and crafting literature, and general bullshittery.

Time to engage the rambling!

Also come say hello to special guests from the literature industry, independents, and more.

Behold season 0: Worldbuilding!

Season 1 coming soon (enough).

Anubis Unit: The Book of Brocephalus

Written specifically for the heavy metal/hard rock/punk band Anubis Unit, the Book of Brocephalus is a free, episodic adventure detailing the psychotic, aeons-spanning misadventures of the band before they formed.

Follow the nameless Regretful Drone as he makes his way through the lowest levels of Malbolgia, intent on unraveling the secrets behind the Ultimate Sound and the vague whispers of God itself.

Updated on the website itself.


Upcoming Projects

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