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The Generalist Series

Because you cannot read about people being punched in the face ENOUGH!

Come check out each individual book in The Generalist series!

Action Adventure, Urban Fantasy awaits you!

Misadventures, Misdeeds, Misfits, Magicians, Madmen, Manly Motherfuckers, Monsters, Magic, Misfits, Mayhem, Martial Artists, Misfits And More!

Come explore a Neo-Los Angeles of near tomorrow (20XX), replete with wondrous adventures and the kind of fist to face action you crave!

Taboo 1: Double Feature Show

Taboo 2: Double Down

Taboo 3: Angle of the Angels

Taboo 4: Anger of the Angels (Coming Soon!)

Taboo 5: Auger of the Angels (Coming Soon!)

Taboo 6: Of Whispers and Worship (WIP)

The Omnibus Generalis volume 1

Taboo X Side Series