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Taboo X

Short Story Side Series

Chronicling the day to day events of lesser importance, the Taboo X short story side series may lack the action-based punches of the main saga, but still contain entertaining and even insightful stories regarding The Shop and their nefarious allies. Do not be fooled because this is a side series: each one is perfectly canon within the main series, as quoted by the Author of the Things hisgoddamnself.

Come check it out individually, or collect them with each Omnibus released:

Taboo X: Interdimensional Villains Day

Part of The Shop’s sponsorship with the World Government lays in being the Champions once a month.

Part of that duty lays in beating down all challengers who would sally forth and lay claim upon the energy-rich land.

Come watch Dash lose his fool mind and what kind of challengers there are to be dealt with…


Deputized and unwilling to give up all the sweet, sweet bonuses and perks that comes from working alongside the American government, The Shop must conduct themselves against an array of similar yet awesomely powerful Interdimensional Warlords, Villains, and anyone else wanting to take over the dimension for whatever purpose.

And there's so many reasons! Time to take care of the paperwork, boys!


Taboo X: Stand Against the Heart of Darkness

The esoteric forms of torturous training that The Shop utilizes encompasses the broad array of their mastery in various forms of energy.

Come witness how it manifests with one of their most underestimated forms.


Follow the Shop as they perform some of their most esoteric rituals, where both might lose their souls in the name of progress!

Where two have entered, will either survive to leave?


Taboo X: Army of Me

SPOILER: One Frank Todd is bad enough, and the Multiverse is wide and infinite…


The boys are up to their thick necks in trouble as an Interdimensional Warlord of untold strength and eldritch power attempts to conquer not just their world but a neighboring dimension as well!

Trapped in a war between these worlds, will the Warlord win or will the bad guys beat that ass wholesale?

Well, read on and see!


Taboo X: The Twisted Mashup

The masterpiece of the original Taboo X run of the Omnibus Generalis volume 1, the Twisted Mashup novella!

Proof positive that even if you take The Shop outta Neo-Los Angeles, you just can’t take Neo-LA outta The Shop!


Here it is.

The novella that should have been a short story but grew up to become a mean, cantankerous beast of a fractured fairy tale.

This time it's not just The Shop, but plenty of other characters trapped in an alternate, arcane universe with a mystery to unravel and plenty of beat down to dispense!

Read on, friend, and take responsibility for your actions!