Taboo 2 Double Down.jpg

The Generalist - Taboo 2: Double Down

Work is never over for the Shopkeepers. This time they're dealing with a two-pronged assault, with assassins attacking from the outside and employees on strike from within. Top it off with Frank getting arrested and a war brewing in the streets and you have a recipe for absolute mayhem. Naturally, for The Shop, it's just another Monday and the Shopkeepers are out of patience and coffee alike. Once the war hits, it looks like they're gonna hafta pull out all the stops and bust out their best combined attacks to rise above it all.

Join them as more of the inner workings of The Shop are revealed, not to mention the more sinister sides of the fun-loving and violence-prone duo as they delve into more mischief, mayhem, and magic while taking on all challengers with bad humor and rude charm.