Movie Scripts

Currently Thomas Duder, Author of the Things has two movie scripts written out using the CeltX desktop program. For further inquiries (business or otherwise), please contact Thomas directly via email:

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The Mook

A supreme badass fights his way up several levels of a superstructure against the backdrop of a secret war of super soldier drugs and the mafia, all just to be there when his kidnapped secret soldier unit comrade awakens and kicks EVERYBODY’s ass.  Also, he piledrivers a helicopter mid-air back onto a landing pad towards the end.

The Mook is set in the world of the Extreme Existence multiverse, and a sequel (The Mook 2: Juggernaut Syndrome) that covers the backstory of The Mook and the god-slaying commando unit, as well as presenting a whole new problem from the past, is currently under development.

Please contact Thomas Duder, Author of the Things for more details.

Worst Shade Of Black

A dark action comedy filled with fists and frights. Inspired by the radical costumes of “Screaming” Mad George, Worst Shade of Black combines high urban fantasy with massively muscular devil costumes as a cult seeks to summon one of the greater Devil Kings of Blood.

As a legendary supernatural journalist busts in on the party, things turn to absolute havoc.

Let the slaughter begin!

Who will survive the night? Yer gonna hafta watch the movie to figure it out!

Please contact Thomas Duder, Author of the Things for more details.

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Future Projects

  • Hunting Grounds

  • Kane and Kincaid (series)

  • The Mook 2: Juggernaut Syndrome

  • Killer 13 vs Death Maiden

  • Boltcutters vs Chainsaw

  • Demons Hate Us

  • Vampires Hate Us (series)

  • Shinobi versus Dragon Ninja

  • Dragon Ninja Versus Zombie Fighter (Return Of White Lotus)

  • Courier Legend Ran

  • Death Island (series)

  • Dirty Space (series)

  • Whisper of Death (series)

  • Clash of the Fiends

  • Tower of Bastards: A Goth Rock Opera (name in progress)