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Who Is Thomas Duder,
Author of the Things?



Poetry, novels, screenplay and more! Thomas Duder, Author of the Things is figuratively and literally author of several formats of literature, adding to his resume in order to further express his artistic sense of violence, action sequences, and witty dialogue.


Lyricist as well as vocalist, Thomas Duder debuted with his heavy metal/hard rock/punk band Anubis Unit (as "JDW: CONQUEROR OF HELL AND PRELATE OF HEAVEN") in their first fully produced album, "Internet Terrorists." Responsible for the majority of the lyrics as well as the backstory and updated free novella offering, The Book of Brocephalus, Thomas continues to push the boundaries of storytelling and cross-media presentation.


Adding game designer as well as marketing and media juggernaut to his impressive array of titles and accomplishments, Thomas Duder, Author of the Things, strives to find the balance between artistic and fiscal, but he cannot do it without your help!

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