Action Adventure, Urban Fantasy!

Monsters, Magic, Misfits, Mayhem, Martial Artists, and Misfits!

Come explore a Neo-Los Angeles of near tomorrow (20XX), replete with wondrous adventures and the kind of fist to face action you crave!

The Omnibus Generalis Volume 1

Behold the first four collected works from the bone-breaking, face-smashing action adventure, urban fantasy series, The Generalist!

Alongside Taboos 0-3, be prepared to enjoy three brand new short stories, a "fairy tale" of a novella, and more!

The Omnibus Generalis Volume 1  Because you have acquired the impeccable taste for reading about people being punched in the face...and it's not that you've had enough.

You simply want MORE!

Taboo X: Cliche of Memories

A bathtub full of blood and a head empty of memories. While I'm pretty certain that's not the normal way that I wake up on a daily basis, it's certainly how THIS day starts!

From there it's a hop, skip, and a jump into more crap than I'm fairly certain I can handle. Fighting my way through a city full of magic and monsters, and doing my damndest to figure out who and, possibly, what I am.

'Cept I don't know if I'm ready for that or not.


Taboo 0: Double Feature Show

Waking up in a bathtub full of blood and a head empty of memories is certainly not the typical morning for an average person. Frank Todd, however, is anything but an average person. Follow along as he fights his way through the city of Neo Los Angeles encountering friend and foe alike in his quest to find out who and what he is. Many strange revelations await him, and he's about to learn exactly how strange it gets for The Generalist!

Come take a wild ride through a Neo Los Angeles of tomorrow! Monsters, magic, martial artists, catgirls, and more misfits await you. Follow the misadventures of The Shop as they take on all challengers with a bizarre variety of attacks and allies in this action adventure, urban fantasy run amok.

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Taboo 1: Double Down

Work is never over for the shopkeepers. This time they're dealing with a two-pronged assault, with assassins from the outside and employees on strike from within. Top it off with Frank getting arrested and a war brewing in the streets and you have a recipe for absolute mayhem. Naturally, for the Shop, it's just another Monday and the Shopkeepers are out of patience and coffee alike. Once the war hits, it looks like they're gonna hafta pull out all the stops and bust out their best combined attacks to rise above it all.

Join them as more of the inner workings of The Shop are revealed, not to mention the more sinister sides of the fun-loving and violence-prone duo as they delve into more mischief, mayhem, and magic while taking on all challengers with bad humor and rude charm.

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Taboo 2: Angle of the Angels

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BACKGROUND: You're the most powerful banker on the face of the planet, having survived the Corporate Wars that followed the Havoc of 2012. You're the high priest of a legal, necromantic Higher god who enjoys power, wealth and fame yet you retain a humility and genteel attitude towards everyone, high born or low.
PROBLEM: Your power, your wealth, your fame, and your legion of employees and businesses have been violently taken away from you in a hostile, spiritual takeover from an insane Angel-Gene.
QUESTION: Humility aside, you HAVE your pride! Broken, beaten, but not unbowed, what are you gonna do? What is the answer?
ANSWER: Violence. Glorious, heaping violence, blood by the bucketful and pound for pound more knuckles than is absolutely necessary, courtesy of your favored champions and friends, The Shop!

THE GENERALIST!  Because you cannot read about people being punched in the face ENOUGH!