Version 1 is the one that was edited down, many of the suggested camera angles taken out in order to bring it closer to a "sell script" format.

There is STILL a ton of information involved, especially for an action flick, but there you go.

Version 2 is the "truer" version of The Mook.  Some of the things I use for camera angles (3/4 angle) is closer to those shots where it's from 3/4's down looking up at the character.  This has been used in plenty other films, and I tend to like that shot myself when used properly.

Suffice it to say, this is the version I prefer, but would need quite a bit of backup, financial backing, and affluence to pull off.

Eh, we'll see - these two are the versions I have copyrighted, but the "full" version I'm working on will have the full opening cinematic and 20 more pages.  After reading Blake Snyder's "Save the Cat," I definitely want to get it closer to the 100 page mark, as close as I can.

The only problem is that this IS an action flick, meant to have somewhat long fight sequences that eats up time.

Despite that, do take a look and let me know what you think!  You can always reach me at the following: