Thanks to all of you!

Y'know, from time to time I need help.  This is a tough pill for me to swallow, but I have done so, and have gone to great lengths to ensure that their help isn't wasted.

With that stated, this page is dedicated to those who have helped me when I've asked, or even when I haven't asked, or even when I didn't KNOW I needed help!

It takes a village to raise a writer, and sometimes it takes a village to help me push back against the forces that would otherwise hinder my writing career.

Whether it's because of a financial event, volunteering, or just lending me a listening ear, this page is dedicated to you.

Naturally, the people who get the biggest chunk of the page are those who backed me on the Internuggetathon.  Hey, you freakin' deserve it, all of youse~!  Speaking of which...

The Internuggetathon Big Backers!

Essentially Patty and Dave Beth
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Adele Symonds

Renee Moore
Knight of Duder's Army

Admins And Pages Who Are Just Fuckin' Awesome!

Akio – Akio’s Bakery of Butts
XII – Get In The Robot Shinji
Laura/Nocturne – Laura’s Group of Awesome
Morgie – That Crazy Otaku
Stanton, Kyle, Bonafide Jones -  Sofa King News and DeepEllum On Air
Carol Bond – Literary Sharing
James – United Fighter’s Group
God Potato/Holy Potato
Hatsune Fuckin' Miku
King Chorrea - Feelopedia
Adele Symonds - Select Author's Anthologies

The Internuggeathon Volunteers

Matthew Bolieck
Ben Johnson
Patty Huber-Beth
Antony Gallagher
Sam Shimpan Desu
Ace Nelson
Jade Flores
Lisa Curtis
Stanton Brasher
Gasai Eddie
Aver Rage Jo
Kim Culbertson
Crystal Blood
Vorel Kethend
Bonafide Jones
Kyle Bufkin
Denise Zaky
Hell, the entirety of Squad 7