A book of poetry by Thomas Duder, with artwork from Melanie McCurdie. Subject matter deals with the aftermath of relationships, the stress of troubled relationships, and the general miasma of life heaped upon the shoulders of a struggling artist.

Here you have found a tome of profound personal meaning. A book of poetry filled with raw, sometimes unedited musings and the pain that life brings to a writer.

The emotions that humans feel, the scars that each individual bears, varies from person to person. No one can truly understand the emotions of others at the same degree, yet we try and try again.

This is an opportunity for one writer to make such an attempt.

At times petty, at times childish, others as powerful as one can experience, the author's words are followed suit with proper artwork, created by the talented Melanie McCurdie (co-creator of Minus).

Do crawl into the skull of the author and wallow in pain and emotion laid bare to public scrutiny, fearless and as raw as possible.

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