"MY PLEASURE!"  Frank roared, covering the distance between the two with a blinding swiftness that caught [REDACTED] off-guard.  Leaping high into the air, Frank spun around once and immediately launched himself into a series of spinning back-heel kicks, wanting to test the physical limits of the Mage Armor - or so he had thought he was going to do as he flew backwards, landing roughly before rolling to his feet.

Gasping, more shook up than hurt, he glared at [REDACTED], ignoring his laughter while replaying in his mind what had happened.

For a glorious moment, the thrill of combat raced through Frank as he made the first attack - always his favorite tactic.  Besides, he wanted to see what kind of surprised the so-called [REDACTED] had for him.

And he got it as the Mage Armor rippled for a moment after his first back-heel kick landed, the Water-based nature of the Mage Armor finally revealing itself as the physical force of the kick rippled through the Armor and around it only to explode back towards him, the Armor stretching to form a boot not unlike his own to strike at him, sending him flying backwards.

Getting to his feet and bouncing on his heels slightly, Frank brought his fists up before him, the black mist still spilling out of them.  [REDACTED]'s laughter died and he sized up Frank again, his frown noticeable even through the plate armor helm.

"Since you cannot come to me, I will come to you...Frank.  I am going to break you."

"Whatever, Drago," Frank smiled wildly as he rushed forward again, leaping to the air.

"Again?  Your tricks won't-!!!" [REDACTED]'s eyes widened as his mind fought to catch up with the obscene series of attacks he had been subjected to.  Between one second and the other, Frank had disappeared from his sight, somehow stopping his own momentum in mid-air and crossing the distance between them in a blindingly fast run that caught him off-guard.

Then Frank fought with himself.