Go ahead and have some biographies!

Dat Mug

Name: Thomas Duder 
Age: 33 
Writing Speed: 100 WPM

Preferred Styles: Action, Adventure, Urban Fantasy, Post-Apocalyptic, Violence 
Stances Available: Poetry, Novellas, Lyrics, Machine Gun Blogging

FINAL ATTACK: New Computer (sacrifices all gear for Macbeth, The Mad King Armor.  Completely refills Hype Gauge and Life Meter) 
HYPE ATTACK: Launch Party (Rising headbutt that throws enemy into a stunned and paralyzed state for two seconds.  Can phase through projectiles)


Special Attacks 
The Generalist - Taboo 0 
The Generalist - Taboo 1 
Killer 13 - I-VII 

Crew Attacks (Tag Team Combo Finishers) 
With Blazing Ace Nelson - Da Jackstomp 
With Adele Symonds - Perfect Copy 
With Jade - KEY GRIP! 
With Madame Francesca Silvers - Grotesque Erotica


Background: Balls, brawn, and brains.  Thomas Duder is noted for having at least two out of the three.  A young man with a penchant for writing and vulgar, over-the-top displays of power and fight sequences that will take your breath away and ignite your imagination, Thomas Duder (The "Author of the Things" as he's called) is completely focused on one thing and one thing only: utter, absolute and total domination of the world (of literary violence).  Using a cadre of gonzo-level scenes of action and unbelievable accounts of derring-do, Thomas Duder uses his writing to find other like-minded metal-headed maniac warriors fed by the same cosmic rays of the very same alien overlords who have empowered him and, together, decimate all those who would dare oppose his will.


Committed to his quest at an infinite degree, Thomas Duder struggles valiantly forth against all odds to obliterate the weird veil of obscurity that keeps the metal-headed maniac warriors (don't forget, fed and empowered by the cosmic rays of alien overlords!) from finding their true leader! 
Go go, Thomas Duder!  Wreak havoc and let loose the hounds of Creativity! 
For love!  For life!  For SCIENCE!  FOR ART~! 
And, especially FOR MONEEEEEEEEEY!