Follow the gory adventures of a marauding, murderous madman set adrift in a strange quest in a broken world of eternal desert sands, monstrous interdimensional beings, and everlasting hunger.  The sands to pluck at the flesh, the sky to rend the soul.  All must be struck down, all must be food for the clever Cleaver and the nameless madman known to the straggling survivors as "Killer 13."

If you enjoy "weird," violent literature then you should find this short story series to be JUST what you're looking for!

The world is broken.

All that exists lives only to feed on everything else. The sun, the eternal sands of this desert wasteland world, the very air is out to devour you.

Walking throughout such wicked horrors is the slayer, the murderer, the madman primeval.

His name is 13, the same as the smoldering brand on his neck.

13 the Killer.

Beset on all sides by the evil, cannibal creatures of this world, 13 wanders in an eternal quest, his vigil unrelenting, his fury and madness without equal.

A wandering, murderous marauder versus a desert wasteland of a world filled to the brim with murderers, demons, twisted abominations, warring angels and the very forces of nature cannibalizing everything that exists.

They should've brought more to the fight against him.

Smashwords -

Another day, another Daemonkinder blooding the Cleaver.

13 continues his irrational war against the vicious beings known as the Daemonkinder. Without reason or rhyme, 'twixt sun and sand all will be ground up and destroyed.

All exists to be struck down by his hand.

The rise of a new foe reveals a shred more of 13's past to himself, lost to the desert sands. Reaching new levels of insanity, 13 must take on his foe despite his ever-increasing madness.

Will 13 survive the attack of The Highborn?

A mysterious, wandering clown shares a camp with 13.

One of these men are going to die before the end of the night.

Read on and find out for yourself.